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LIDAR RESEARCHER: Researcher, Marcella Dell'Aglio

RESEARCH ASSOCIATES: Pollutant monitoring and meteorological applications

MAILING ADDRESS: Centro Laser s.r.l., Str. Prov. Casamassima km 3, 70010, Valenzano (Bari), Italy

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +39 080 4674314

FAX NUMBER: +39 080 4674457

E-MAIL ADDRESS: marcella@mail.centrolaser.it

WEB SITE: http://www.centrolaser.it

DATE: 30/08/2001

LIDAR LOCATION : We have a mobile DIAL system. The whole system is installed in a truck, generally located to Centro Laser, Valenzano (Bari) Italy ( 41.01.200 North, 016.54.190 East)


PARAMETER(S) OR CONSTITUENT(S) MEASURED: NO2, SO2, O3, benzene, Toluene, water vapor, depolarization ratio

RESEARCH OBJECTIVES AND SPONSOR: to control air quality and climatic effects; to make quantitative analysis of anthropogenic emissions such as mobile vehicle exhaust or industrial plumes and the way they affect human health

MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUE: Differential Absorption Lidar for pollutants and water vapor.


VERTICAL RESOLUTION: minimum resolution: 15 m

FREQ. OF MEASUREMENT (TYPICALLY): A measurement campaign every 4 month

MEASUREMENT TIMES (TYPICALLY): 1 week to prepare the whole system and 2 hours to begin the measurement.

LASER TYPE AND WAVELENGTH (s): Ti:Sapphire (700-900 nm) and non linear mixing between Ti:Sapphire and Nd:YAG (250-480 nm)

LASER ENERGY/PULSE: 100 mJ (at 780 nm for fundamental Ti:Sapphire ) and typical output energy is 20 mJ in the 450 nm region and 2-5 mJ in the 300 nm region.


RECEIVER SIZE AND CONFIGURATION: Newtonian telescope (f = 600 mm, f = 1600 mm, field of view = 1 mrad), monostatic system

DETECTORS USED: photomultiplier (HAMAMATSU Mod. R1668, R943-02)

ANALOG-T0-DIGITAL CONVERTER: 10 Ms/s transient recorder (GAGE) with 12 bit resolution.

COMPUTER: Pentium 200

PLATFORM (if applicable):

PUBLICATIONS (5 recent and/or significant):

M. Dell'Aglio, A. Kholodnykh, R. Lassandro and Olga De Pascale "Development of a Ti:sapphire DIAL system for pollutant monitoring and meteorological applications" Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 2001, in press

M. Dell'Aglio, O. De Pascale A. Kholodnykh, R. Lassandro and "Development of a Ti:sapphire DIAL system for pollutant monitoring and meteorological applications" Fourth Italian-Russian Laser Symposium, St. Petersburg, July 8-12, 2001

M. Striccoli, P. Antuofermo, O. De Pascale "Sistema DIAL per il monitoraggio di inquinanti ambientali" Procs. Elettroottica '98, Matera


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