ICLAS: International Coordination-group on Laser Atmospheric Studies

Guidelines for Proposal Submission to Host the ILRC

At the ILRC, potential hosts for future conferences should make a presentation to the ICLAS and, in addition, to attendees at the open business meeting.

After the ILRC, potential hosts for the next ILRC must submit a proposal to the ICLAS chairperson by the end of December of that year.

The proposal must include, as a minimum, the chairperson's name, details of the venue, lodging capabilities near the venue, publication details for abstracts, advertisement plan, and budget. The budget must include at least $4,000 for use by the ICLAS in support of the conference.

The ICLAS chairperson shall poll the ICLAS and a consensus reached by the end of February in the year after the last ILRC. The ICLAS chairperson shall notify the chairperson for the winning proposal.

The First Circular announcing the meeting shall be sent out to the community in July by the ILRC chairperson, one year before the next conference.


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