ICLAS: International Coordination-group on Laser Atmospheric Studies
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LIDAR RESEARCHER: Dr Gilberto Javier Fochesatto

RESEARCH ASSOCIATES: Pablo Ristori MS from Favaloro University and PhD student and Lidia Otero PhD student. Undergraduates training students from Electrical Engineering and Physics.
Scientific Collaboration with Dr Pierre H. Flamant from Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique du CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, France.

MAILING ADDRESS: Zufriategui 4380. (1603) Villa Martelli. Buenos Aires. Argentine.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 54 11 4709 0131/0231. Int : 1206

FAX NUMBER: 54 11 4709 3210 / 9438

E-MAIL ADDRESS: foch@citefa.gov.ar

WEB SITE: http://www.citefa.gov.ar

DATE: August 28, 2001.

LIDAR LOCATION : Villa Martelli, Buenos Aires. Argentine.(-34.5, 58,5 )


PARAMETER(S) OR CONSTITUENT(S) MEASURED: Backscattering profiles @1064nm, @532nm and @355nm. Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height and Entrainment Zone Thickness, Optical depths.

RESEARCH OBJECTIVES AND SPONSOR: Atmospheric Boundary Layer Dynamic problems related to the Air Quality. ABL dynamics on micro scale process, meso scale influences of Rio de la Plata Basin and large scale ENSO impacts to long term ABL evolution. ABL Dynamics and Convection problems related to Tropospheric UV Radiation Budget.
Sponsor CITEFA - CONICET, SECYT Secretaría de Ciencia y Técnica de la Argentina.

MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUE: Backscatter Lidar in vertical profiles

MEASUREMENT RANGE: 300m to 10km.


FREQ. OF MEASUREMENT (TYPICALLY): Twice a week and different intensive observations periods coordinate with Air Quality programs.

MEASUREMENT TIMES (TYPICALLY): Diurnal Cycle . 60sec time resolution minimum.

LASER TYPE AND WAVELENGTH (s): Three Wavelength Solid State Nd:YAG @1064nm, 532nm and 355nm.



RECEIVER SIZE AND CONFIGURATION: Two telescope in bi-static configuration with reception composed by a Dual Chain Cassegrain Telescope with f/12 each one. One telescope is fiber coupled to the spectrometric box separator @532nm and 355nm and the other one is for detection in 1064nm backscatter wavelength.

DETECTORS USED: Avalanche Photodiode @1064nm and Hamamatshu Photomultipliers @532nm and 355nm.

SIGNAL PROCESSING: 4 channel digitizing oscilloscope 100MHz bandwidth at 2GS/sec.


COMPUTER: Pentium II 400MHz

PLATFORM (if applicable): Windows 98.

PUBLICATIONS (5 recent and/or significant):
"Observation and Modeling of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Nocturnal-Diurnal Transition during the ESQUIF Experiment". J. Fochesatto, P. Drobinski, C. Flamant, D. Guédalia, C. Sarrat, P. Flamant, J. Pelon. "Advances in Laser Remote Sensing".
Edition de l'Ecole Polytechnique. Février 2001.

"Diurnal Cycle of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer During the ESQUIF experiments : Dynamics and Exchange processes". J. Fochesatto, P. Drobinski, C. Flamant, , P. H. Flamant D. Guédalia.. Proceedings of EGS, European Geophysical Society XXV General Assembly , Nice France April 2000.

"Evidence of Dynamical coupling between the residual layer and the developing
convective boundary layer". J. Fochesatto, Philippe Drobinski, Cyrille Flamant, Danial Guedalia, Claire Sarrat, Pierre Flamant and Jacques Pelon. Boundary-Layer Meteorology 99: 451-464, 2001.

"South America ENSO Teleconnection Coherence Patterns and their impacts to tropospheric parameters over Buenos Aires" P. Ristori, J. Fochesatto, E. Quel , P. H. Flamant. Proceedings of SPARC, Mar del Plata, Setiembre 2000.

"DIAL System for measurements of Stratospheric Ozone at Buenos Aires.(340 33', 580 30')" A. Pazmiño, M. Lavorato, J. Fochesatto, P. Ristori, P. Cesarano, M. Castellón, E. Quel, S. Godin, J. Portenueve, G. Megie. "Advances in Laser Remote Sensing".
Edition de l'Ecole Polytechnique. Février 2001.


Lidar instrumental site is composed by :
Stratospheric Ozone Lidar system (355nm and 308nm) and different ground based column instruments such as: Sun photometer from Aeronet Network, Pyranometer, Pyrgeometer, UV column radiation measurement and surface meteorological station.


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